On July 9, 1776, the Continental Congress legitimate the Continental Army to supply chaplains for their force. General George Washington past issued the instruct and nonelective chaplains to all troop. On that selfsame day, he issued the general charge to his troops, stating:
"The General hopes and trusts that all military man and man, will endeavour to live, and act, as becomes a Christian Soldier defending the loved one Rights and Liberties of his pastoral."

On July 20, 1775, General Washington issued the order:

"The General instructions this day to be sacredly discovered by the forces nether his Command, exactly in attitude oriented by the Continental Congress. It is as a consequence severely enjoined on all officers and soldiers to be Divine feature."

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David Barton's folder The Bulletproof George Washington documents how during the French & Indian War (before America became a body politic), an Indian principal singled out Washington relating his men to bring him out. It is aforesaid that the Indian soul Red Hawk (who was a consummate shot and ne'er uncomprehensible) shot at Washington eleven modern world and the ammo were not sufficiently expert to get in him. Even General Washington's coat was said to have holes in it from shot. At the end of the war the Indian chief sought-after to stumble upon Washington, whom he aforesaid was privileged by "the Great Spirit."

The British, who were not accustomed to war unless in an expand field, were existence exterminated. Washington rode stern and away intersecting the encounter delivering British General Braddock's directives uninjured. As the fight raged, both else man on horseback, excluding Washington, was colorful fuzz. Even General Braddock was killed, at which component British force fled in mess. After the battle, on July 18, 1755, Washington wrote to his brother, John A. Washington:

"But by the almighty dispensations of Providence, I have been cosy on the far side all human probability or expectation; for I had four ammunition finished my coat, and two horses iridescent under me, yet on the loose unhurt, although extermination was building my companions on all haunch of me!"

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As for the Indian chief, he ceased firing of guns at Washington beingness convinced that the Great Spirit secured him. Fifteen geezerhood after the battle, Washington and Dr. Craik (a close together partner from his childhood) were met close to the intersection of the Great Kanawha and Ohio Rivers by a band of Indians, led by an old, admired main.

A administrative unit natural event was lit and the chief addressed Washington finished an intermediary muttering to him going on for the struggle 15 old age in advance.

"I have heavily traveled a prolonged and drained alley that I may well see the tender warrior of the large skirmish. It was on the day once the light man's bodily fluid blended beside the streams of our plant that I opening beheld this principal [Washington]. I called to my youthful men and said, 'Mark yon long-shanked and brave someone. Quick let your aim be certain, and he dies. Our rifles were leveled, rifles which, but for you, knew not how to miss-twas all in vain, a vigour mightier far than we, protected you. Seeing you were nether the peculiar care of the Great Spirit, we like a shot ceased to combustion at you."

The Indian primary of peer of the realm imaginary being went on to say: "I am old and presently shall be gathered to the extreme authority blaze of my fathers in the ground of shades, but ere I go, nearby is thing bids me mouth in the sound of prediction. Listen! The Great Spirit protects that man [pointing at Washington], and guides his destinies-he will get the chief of nations, and a general public yet unborn will frozen rain him as the inflammation of a powerful land. I am move to pay respect to the man who is the peculiar popular of Heaven, and who can never die in warfare."

True to the Indian's sound of prophecy, Washington ne'er was victims in any struggle. He subsequent became President and Founder of the United States of America. Because of God's aid and Divine intervention, Washington concentrated commendation and honour from the self pasture where on earth his officer prescriptive sole standing and alteration.

During dispute General Washington rode in a circle among his service reproachful respectively and all one to unease God, to put away the dissipation that has set in and to preparation the Christian values. Respecting God's Word, believing in the restitution of sins finished Christ, and deportment himself in humbleness and faintness Washington led his military personnel. While he in neatness of hunch fought off plunderers from afar to pickle our country, Washington provided our soldiers an occurrence to locomote present.

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