Prison is not outstandingly good. Do not let folks transmit you it is all freedom these years in prison house. sure enough the confinement state of affairs in Scotland is overmuch untold improved than what it was close to in Jerusalem 2,000 eld ago. In Acts Chapter 4, in our New Testament, these two disciples of Jesus Christ, Peter and John, are in detention centre.

They were confiscate and incarcerated in this Jerusalem jail, simply because a man in his 40's who had ne'er walked had been healed, and they explained that the Risen and Living Lord Jesus Christ was bringing up the rear the alterative.

They are brought in previously the devout polity - that is, until that time the one and the same population who had been at fault for crucifying Jesus. Jesus had been in this committee. These 'judges' were the wealthiest and supreme winning in the state.

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If JESUS were alive, and this is now any 8 or 9 weeks after the crucifixion, what were the implications for these men who had plotted and studied to have Jesus Christ suppressed and killed?

When Peter unfastened his mouth, the Holy Spirit fills him. Peter is complete with the Holy Spirit. This does not bring in him say or do whacky property.

If empire say or do stupid things, let them not property it to the Holy Spirit.

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Peter is reasonable, respectful, and he sticks to the facts. Peter is a dandy and loyal witness, when he is jam-packed near the Holy Spirit, and piece he is packed. He is rational, actual and non-emotional. He is too challenging, and pointing to Jesus, as he speaks around the obligation of salvation, and where on earth delivery can be found.

These pious body constituted that previously them stood two terrifically bold men. They had not been to academy. They were to a certain extent unexciting men, but the authorities took file that they had been beside Jesus. That is what made the variation.

That is the individual way by which they could put the translation in these men into spoken communication. They were not in a configuration to use concepts similar to Holy Spirit, but they were sensitive of a divergence - a determination - a boldness - a vigour - a state.

Are those around us aware that we are different? And, if so, do they cognize why?

Next to them stood the man who had been recovered. He was bequest. His restorative lasted. Two fishermen are in panel on torment up to that time a bookish strip of 70 lawyers.

They put out Peter and John, to consult in private.

What are we active to do? News had introduce immediate on the subject of the miracle, and "we cannot disown it"!

What are we going to do to break this entity from spreading? There's other request for information. Why did God not only just plead at that moment, to say, "Call My occupation 'this thing!" He didn't.

They determine. We will inform them. That will put the weather condition up them. Well, it did in a sense, as they prescriptive more and more of the bend of the Spirit.

Peter and John are called in, and commanded not to reply or initiate in the moniker of Jesus. Peter and John come back with - "Judge for yourselves. We cannot comfort mumbling nearly what we have seen and detected." Again, record the two weather condition - sighted and hearing.

They vulnerable them further, then released them. Remember Jesus was threatened too exact at the extremely birth of His Ministry.

This Jerusalem assembly required to punish Peter and John. Why? Because all the associates were praising God! These pastoral leadership were more offended now than when Jesus had been substantially going say Jerusalem.

Jesus had warned His disciples they would be despised and detested. From the early days, disciples of Jesus Christ have been social misfits. You will not fit in. You will be diametric. It is distinguishable before now.

Yet, when you hunt Jesus you can go anywhere, and be utilised by God.

There are iii groups pictured present.

1. The Priests. They were the proper teachers and would front the work. When you are starring work beside thousands inst you can get the impression pretty important, but now here are thousands situation about the disciples of Jesus. This adversary growing federation is a precise tangible hazard.

2. The head of the Temple guard. It was his job to sustenance the order and hold everything calm, official and sacredly acceptable. 120 disciples had of late interrupted one service, and now, this well man has caused worked up. "Why are you startling the peace? Why can't you go elsewhere? These are not straightforward sentiments to hear, but see the Hand of God in this. No man would try to begin of a new theology in this carriage. What a way to present a new change.

3. The Sadducees. They were the 'theologians'. They did not believe in the supernatural, in the resurrection, nor miracles. Peter and John had honorable destroyed their field of study. This is thing the Holy Spirit can do.

On beingness released, Peter and John go final to the Fellowship, and written document what they had been done. There is no self-pity, or idea penitent for themselves, and when the believers heard their story, they launched out in supplication.

You didn't have to say thing to arouse these associates to commune. They did not involve to be coaxed to commune. We have whatsoever language of that prayer, and they commune for great boldness. "Heal, make miracles and wonders, through the Name of JESUS." The reunion put down was jolted. They were all chock-a-block beside the Holy Spirit, and radius the Word of God brazenly.

There are values in this passage, which we requirement to know, and cognize near ease.

Sandy Shaw

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